- Losing Sight -

My name is Devin "Austin" Striker and I want to change the way people think. I am seventeen years of age and I am currently living in New Jersey (wishing I was living in California). Music is my life and my only true love. It has always been there for me and it has saved my life. I am constantly making/writing music with buddies or new friends. I have been in the studio and have worked with a co-producer of Paramore. My dream is to live my life on the road as a musician because I love the open road and when I am on the road,I feel like I am truely home. I don't have many friends but I have enough. I love my friends and I have all different kinds of friends. They always make me smile and feel alive. I love them. My past is very dark and not the best. I am in a battle with myself and still trying to make it through. I have a very big ego and I have been trying to culp with it. Recently I have been changing and becoming more of myself. Slowly, but I am getting there. I love tattoos. I think they are so beautiful and amazing (when they actually have a meaning). I am hoping soon to get some of my own. I love writing songs/poems and I do it just about everyday. I like meeting new people so if you ever need a friend or a hand I am always here for you. My Tumblr will have a lot of music, tattoo, life, artistic, related things in it. So I hope you enjoy it. Stay strong.

So here’s my story, today…

Yesterday I was on the beach with my cousins and there friend who is a cop in NJ. He looks at my “#Haters” bracelet and goes, “What does that mean? And why do you wear it everywhere?” I go, “Well ‘Haters’ means that I don’t care for who hates me or talks shit about me. I wear this bracelet cause in the past kids have told me to kill myself, give up, I am a loser and that I will never make it.. Well I always wear it so when I look down at it, it always reminds me of what they said. I use that, turn it around and it motivates me to keep shooting for my goals. Just so I can show them that I can make it.” He looks at me and goes, “Don’t ever give up, they are just insecure and jealous of what you got. You got exactly what it takes..” and I will take his words for it. I won’t ever give up.